Film Projects


Dreams That Money Can Buy.  A film by Hans Richter.  Performance by Dorothea Tanning in 1945 in scene 1 "Desire," written and directed by Max Ernst.  View Gallery


8 x 8: A Chess Sonata in 8 Movements.  A film by Hans Richter.  Performance by Dorothea Tanning in 1952 in a scene filmed in Sedona, Arizona and New York City.   View Gallery


Dorothea Tanning: Le Regard Ébloui (The Astonished Gaze).  A documentary film by Jean Desvilles, Les Productions Tanit, Paris.


Insomnia: The Paintings of Dorothea Tanning.  A film by Peter Schamoni, Argos Films, Paris and Munich.  Performance by Dorothea Tanning, Seilans, France.  (Winner of Grand Prize for Direction, Festival International du Film d'Art, Palmares, 1981.)


Birthday: Die amerikanische Malerin Dorothea Tanning (Birthday: The American Painter Dorothea Tanning).  A documentary film by Horst Mühlenbeck, 1996.   


Man Ray: Prophet of the Avant Garde.  A documentary film produced and directed by Mel Stuart, written by Neil Baldwin, PBS American Masters Film.  Interview with Dorothea Tanning.  


Dorothea Tanning.   A documentary film DVD and book by Dominique Ferrandou, Julien Ferrandou, and Aube Elléouët-Breto, Seven Doc/Collection Phares, Paris


Unheard 0f News.  An unrealized satirical documentary film on the paintings of Dorothea Tanning.  Screenplay and storyboards by Dorothea Tanning.