In her own words...

"A Table of Content"


                              On pale cloth, artistically arranged
                              musical objects
                              (she used to sing):
                              a mandolin, bottom up,
                              a crumpled score,
                              (if played he might not like it),
                              a pile of books
                              in disrespectful disarray.
                              A lighted lamp.
                              White grapes.

Class adjourned. Quietude clings like tedium,
pulsing green and
coiled around him,
He thinks he likes it
on the classroom table
of multiplication
eating purple grapes.
Lessons aside.
Muffled cries, heard, unheard.
He thinks he likes it.

                              Moving object, bottle-shaped,
                              rising topaz bubbles.
                              Why wait?

Wait. . . . 


About this work

"A Table of Content" was first published in 2004 in the collection A Table of Content: Poems, Graywolf Press, New York, and may not be reprinted without the publisher's permission.